The Collective (2022)


Event Date: 30th January 2022.

Leading Light Collective in Co-Production with Hidden Viewz Productions present The Collective.

For our birthday 5th birthday and in celebration of our #5 season release, we celebrated with HiddenViewz Productions by creating a looking glass for our audiences to see into who we are as a Collective. What you are looking at are a collection of photographs which represent how we’d like the industry to look.

You are looking at a mixture of creatives from different ethnicities, classes, religions and sexualities coming together proudly unapologetically. If you look close enough, you’ll see that we may look different, but it’s our unity that makes us stronger.

Supported by Aim Low Productions, Excellence Theatre, FlairBox, Nuu Theatre, Solar Flare and The Bread and Roses Theatre.
Hosted by Piece of Cake Theatre Company.
Photographer: Shammell D.G Photography