My name is Minnie rai and I go under the title @splitmindpoet on Instagram. I started the account as a way to help myself and many others to voice their unique voice that is uninterrupted on a mental health platform.


Confidence is something I have been fighting alongside my mental health battle for over two years. I used to be the most confident girl in my high school, my friends, my teachers and anyone that ever met me. Yet no one noticed how easy it is to lose your confidence due to a series of unfortunate events in life as it is to gain it.


I am a prime women of my generation and the gap in our society has been noticed my groups like yours and by independent voices like mine that have had to fight for their corner when the corner has always been their – but we felt little or no confident in that corner, because over time it has taken a long time to get to this stage. Some may argue that perhaps we have fought alongside other women for almost a decade to just get to this platform we have identified in 2018.


My poem although a short piece focuses on the idea of detaching from what takes confidence away and how to realign your fears into series of definitions of confidence that we have already surrendered our mind to but we need to start acting on them. The longer we leave it behind, the slowly the path to growth becomes and now is not the time to act that way. We must know what it means to be a woman of today’s generation.