Dylan’s been made to feel like a weak, abnormal, burdensome loser by his friends for long enough that he believes it himself. But an unexpected intervention from a total stranger bridges connections the pair didn’t know they’d been yearning for, as they tear off their labels and find how far they can fly by their own definitions.


In 2017 we not only took on producing this beautiful musical but we also took on three productions in one fringe festival. Although it was not easy, when you have a great cast and crew anything is possible – LEADING LIGHT COLLECTIVE

Heartbeat is a pop-rock musical aiming to challenge the stigmas and shatter the taboos around mental health, as a response to the increasing reported cases of mental illnesses in 16-25-year-olds, and in the alarming  number of male suicides that it causes.


Heartbeat first premiered in the 2017 Bath Fringe Festival and was praised for the ‘open and frank mannerin which it explored mental health and suicide. Audiences‘felt things [they] never knew existed, as they touted the show as ‘what theatre should be’, and ‘the reason arts need to be funded’.


Unsatisfied with this response, Ryan has been rewriting Heartbeat to be an even better future production with Leading Light Collective.


"Engaging and genuinely moving"

BATH FRINGE 2017 ***½