4 stories, 4 boxes, 4 generations.


In life, we are projected onto a shelf, pushed into a category, positioned according to our packaging, shade, taste. We are all hand chosen, some of us have our packaging stripped or ripped, the others break out. We broke out. Now, we are opened, naked, bare – we taste beautiful. Our melanin is beautiful. Masked into a world of insecurity, judgement and dream chasing. And sometimes these smudges melt away, but then again sometimes they stick…


But when they stick – How long is it until our shelf life expires?


Four staff members of CC Chicken Shop, have been told to stay inside by law enforcement, due to a knife scare after a club relaunch. For the 30th anniversary of the chicken shop they thought they were going to receive pay rises, but instead release a substance more powerful.

"My skin colour has been a constant struggle in my life, which in the past I have always tried to mask. 4 will be the reveal."

Belinda Clarke

Written for and by the voices of our London black community.


Following the launch of the #knifefree campaign by the government on the face of chicken shop boxes; this piece will connect the epidemic to 4 stories, 4 voices, 4 generations within black British culture.


Showing our audiences and British community inside these boxes we are not a colour to be ticked, opened and ignored. But a reality.


During April 2019, we gathered research for 4 by teaming up with Arcola Theatre, for their initiative ArcolaLab, inviting in over 30 creatives discussing all things black British culture. Led by Belinda Clarke we created a space for these creatives to not only be heard but to be seen.


The CULTURE r&d created an ever growing conversation. 4 will create an ever growing effect.


"Great day today talking all things black British culture. Conversation is important!" - Workshop Participants